About Us

The Full Moon Rant Alliance, a part of the Town & Country Lifelong Learners*: Leisure Pursuits is a social / entertainment program. The group is facilitated by volunteers serving teens in Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek, AZ.

Angels and Demons have been glorified in books and movies for decades and continue to hold people spellbound.  In fact, Phoenix’s own Stephenie Meyer’s brought Vampires to light again in the Twilight series.  The Hunger Games Dystopian theme, Cyberpunk’s Science Fiction and Steampunk, well it’s everywhere you look these days!

You know you want to do it – rant about the entertainment you love with others and here’s your chance to find like-minded teens; something that’s not always easy to do.

Get newsletters, discounts and great entertainment news without spending a fortune. Did we mention we are also a very social group!

Join the Full Moon Rant Alliance, it’s the best bargain in town, costing just $15.00** for a full year membership.

Town & Country Lifelong Learners semesters run for 13 weeks, starting January, April, July and October.

**Event/Supply Fees may apply.

*Town & Country Lifelong Learners is a division of Skipping Stars Productions LLC

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