Jewelry For My Fellow Oddlings.

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And We’ll Never Be Clowns

The Sound of Flying Kiwi

Weirdest video I’ve seen all day. Also the only video I’ve seen all day.

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Arcade Fire – Reflektor

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11 Things to See on the Internet Right Now

Funk's House of Geekery

Man, the internet is great. Just think of all the things, good or bad, we would never have been exposed to without it. So when you’re done with my 12 favourite youtube clips take a garner as these gems.

What does a fox say anyway?

If you haven’t seen this yet you need to watch it now. It only really broke the surface a few days ago. Nevertheless, if you haven’t seen it you’re going to in the coming weeks. You’re going to see it a LOT.

Drunk and Horny Disney Princesses

This rather awesome little tumblr sources real drunken text messages from textsfromlastnight.com and then pairs them with images from Disney movies. You’ll laugh.

Disney Ladies From Last Night

Nostalgia Chick is Back!

After a long break from creating videos due to some awesome other projects she’s been juggling, the Nostalgia Chick returns with some more awesome reviews for us! Yay! Here’s her review…

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Abraham Hicks – Butterflies of Alignment

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Powerful Quote #34 : Talk | Listen


Talk as well as Listen | Listen as well as Talk
Just doing one of this makes no sense.

-Words by Din

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Hilarious Food Art Features Potatoes Wearing Pink Sunglasses

Art, artist, Clown, cucumber, Field Crops, food, Food Art, funny, german, germany, Glass, Google, Peter Pink, Potato, Question Answering, Root Crops, Vegetable.


A German Artist Peter Pink has created these hilarious series of installations made from vegetables (potatoes & cucumbers) wearing sunny glasses titled “a nonsense maker”.

He says:

“My inspiration a lot of the times comes from the need to clown, comment, or question things I don’t agree with. Things where everyone around me is like ‘Yeah,’ and I’m like ‘Really?’ I like asking questions and I see life as something to be curious about, not something I need answers for.”

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David Bowie: Fame and fashion in London

Tammy Tour Guide

Back in 1973 I experienced a life changing moment watching Top of the Pops on British TV when David Bowie appeared on the screen.

Not only did he project the image of a rock god, he was wearing an astonishing and provocative outfit, unlike anything I’d seen before.

And then there was the make-up and face paint. The family gulped as this androgyonous figure duetted on his single, Starman, with his gold-clad, blonde Adonis of a guitarist, Mick Ronson.

Bowie was Ziggy Stardust, part man, part alien, a mutant from another planet – aided and abetted by his motley crew, The Spiders from Mars.

This star man thrilled not only because he seemed to speak directly from the telly like an evangelist peddling rock ’n ’roll, but he was just so cool, oozing style from every pore.

I was an instant convert to his intelligent glam rock with its arty leanings…

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Star Trek – Shore Leave (Review)

the m0vie blog

To celebrate the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness this month, we’ll be running through the first season of the classic Star Trek all this month. Check back daily to get ready to boldly go. It’s only logical.

When I talk about the surreal sixties energy that really holds quite a bit of Star Trek together, it’s quite possible that it sounds like a back-handed compliment, a cheap and easy gig at a cult television show. However, I mean that sincerely. When I argue that the illogical and somewhat scattershot dynamism of the last act of Court Martial can barely hold the patchwork script together, it’s quite possible that I sound like I’m being sarcastic. However, my affection for the mad-cap mayhem particular to the first iteration of Star Trek is entirely genuine. Although it makes no sense, the climax to Court Martial isn’t the problem. Everything leading up to…

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(98) Tisel Milan Vukovic

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