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Etsy Shop: Rubber Moon Stamps

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Etsy Shop: Rubber Moon Stamps

Rubber Moon is a stamp company that I’ve been a fan of for years and I was happy to stumble across them over on Etsy! If your looking for fun, funky, unique and quirky stamps then check out Rubber Moon!


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Hilarious Food Art Features Potatoes Wearing Pink Sunglasses

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A German Artist Peter Pink has created these hilarious series of installations made from vegetables (potatoes & cucumbers) wearing sunny glasses titled “a nonsense maker”.

He says:

“My inspiration a lot of the times comes from the need to clown, comment, or question things I don’t agree with. Things where everyone around me is like ‘Yeah,’ and I’m like ‘Really?’ I like asking questions and I see life as something to be curious about, not something I need answers for.”

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