Hunger Games Party

” I’d known that “Hunger Games2” was a huge crossover hit. Heck, half my family has read Suzanne Collins’ dystopian trilogy3; now we’re relentlessly nagging the other half to hurry up and finish so we can talk about it. Most of my friends have read it too, after their teens and 20somethings encouraged them to pick up a copy. Now it turns out that Kristen Bell4, star of “Veronica Mars,” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and the new “House of Lies5,” is such a fan, she threw herself a “Hunger Games” themed 30th birthday party, complete with Panem and Capitol decorations and costumes. She dressed as Katniss, she told the Huffington Post6, and guests came as fellow tributes, Effie Trinkets and even trackerjackers.

See? You’re never too old for a great themed birthday party – which is something we parents always knew. Or at least those of us who throw collegiate-friendly Harry Potter parties7, Twilight shindigs8, Settlers of Catan game nights9, and other birthday parties for the 18-and-up set10.

But Hunger Games as a theme? Frankly, that’s awesome. If you’re thinking about possibilities for that, you might want to check out this Hunger Games-centric page11 on the Mercury News site, where the results of an HG-inspired recipe contest will be posted soon. (There are photos and movie details there now, as well as a story I wrote about HG food12.) For more ideas, check out FictionalFood13, a very fun blog devoted to the cuisine of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Hunger Games and more. And if you’ve thrown a Hunger Games party, click comments and share the details!

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