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Skipping Stars Productions LLC is an activities, educational, events and fundraising organization serving communities, neighborhoods and individuals in and around Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek, AZ.

Jewelry For My Fellow Oddlings.

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The Dark Crystal – The Director’s Cut (RARE footage and all original dialogue!)

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YouTube / scoodidabop

The version of The Dark Crystal that was released in 1982 was dark and weird, especially for a kids’ movie. But there was an earlier version—darker, weirder, and trippier—that didn’t make it to theaters. The earlier cut didn’t test well with audiences, so the film was substantially changed to appeal to a broad audience. Voiceover was added, and English dialogue was added to many scenes where the action was previously supposed to be understood through puppets’ pantomime.

For the past two years an enterprising fan, 31-year-old Christopher Orgeron, has labored to reassemble that original cut of the movie. He had limited materials to work with, so there are rough edges in many places (most notably the black-and-white scenes from a VHS dub of the original cut). But looking at this version of The Dark Crystal gives us a dose of the Henson weirdness that we see in many of his early films. Whether this is better or worse than the theatrical version is debatable—but at the very least, it’s a fascinating glimpse into what might have been.

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And We’ll Never Be Clowns

The Sound of Flying Kiwi

Weirdest video I’ve seen all day. Also the only video I’ve seen all day.

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The Unicorn in the Bathtub — and Other Mind-Blowing Sights

Rant customs

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‘Dracula’ Silk Wallpapers Prove a Feast for the Eyes

Full moon rant - Dracula

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Arcade Fire – Reflektor

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11 Things to See on the Internet Right Now

Funk's House of Geekery

Man, the internet is great. Just think of all the things, good or bad, we would never have been exposed to without it. So when you’re done with my 12 favourite youtube clips take a garner as these gems.

What does a fox say anyway?

If you haven’t seen this yet you need to watch it now. It only really broke the surface a few days ago. Nevertheless, if you haven’t seen it you’re going to in the coming weeks. You’re going to see it a LOT.

Drunk and Horny Disney Princesses

This rather awesome little tumblr sources real drunken text messages from and then pairs them with images from Disney movies. You’ll laugh.

Disney Ladies From Last Night

Nostalgia Chick is Back!

After a long break from creating videos due to some awesome other projects she’s been juggling, the Nostalgia Chick returns with some more awesome reviews for us! Yay! Here’s her review…

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Abraham Hicks – Butterflies of Alignment

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These Patterns Move, But It’s All an Illusion | Collage of Arts and Sciences

These Patterns Move, But It’s All an Illusion | Collage of Arts and Sciences.

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Powerful Quote #34 : Talk | Listen


Talk as well as Listen | Listen as well as Talk
Just doing one of this makes no sense.

-Words by Din

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