11 Things to See on the Internet Right Now

Funk's House of Geekery

Man, the internet is great. Just think of all the things, good or bad, we would never have been exposed to without it. So when you’re done with my 12 favourite youtube clips take a garner as these gems.

What does a fox say anyway?

If you haven’t seen this yet you need to watch it now. It only really broke the surface a few days ago. Nevertheless, if you haven’t seen it you’re going to in the coming weeks. You’re going to see it a LOT.

Drunk and Horny Disney Princesses

This rather awesome little tumblr sources real drunken text messages from textsfromlastnight.com and then pairs them with images from Disney movies. You’ll laugh.

Disney Ladies From Last Night

Nostalgia Chick is Back!

After a long break from creating videos due to some awesome other projects she’s been juggling, the Nostalgia Chick returns with some more awesome reviews for us! Yay! Here’s her review…

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